Plunder Squad is a video game for 1-8 players, where you work cooperatively to find treasure.

How does it work?

The world is randomly generated each time you play, and contains puzzles tailored to the party you've selected. You can choose among 8 different heroes, each with a unique skill. Difficulty is configurable from 1 (Hard) to 9 (Even Harder).
Death is not final: If you hit a monster, you become a ghost. Ghosts can be healed by picking up a heart, either from a dead monster or from the Nurse if you have one. You can always revert to the starting position, and heal all the players.

Can I play it?

Plunder Squad runs on Windows, MacOS, Linux (GLX), and Raspberry Pi. It will be available via Steam some time in September 2018.
If you're close to Ohio, come see the World Premiere at GDEX 2018! This convention is going on 29 and 30 September 2018 at the Columbus Convention Center. Stop by our booth and find some treasure, like stickers and t-shirts.

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I really ought to have Googled the name before committing to it...

More Info

See a short promo video on YouTube:
Questions or comments, please email me: a k sommerville at g mail dot com

News Feed

24 September 2018

We are live on the Steam store! Use the widget above to buy Plunder Squad!

19 August 2018

We have a release date: 28 September 2018
We're technically releasing on Steam a few days ahead of that, to be prepared for any deployment glitches.